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Most people will make their largest and most significant investment in their lifetime by buying a home. However, that investment goes well beyond financial. Most of your life will be spent at home with your family, raising your children, and maybe even retiring there. Your roof is another important part of your paradise and it is important to keep it in good condition.

So, when you're in need of roofing services in Fairfax, VA, you should contact us if you want to work with trusted professionals who will treat your project with the attention it deserves.

Since Sterling Roofing began serving homeowners in Fairfax and throughout Northern Virginia, we have become one of the leading roofing companies in Fairfax, VA. We offer comprehensive roofing services.

In addition, our roofers in Fairfax, VA are well known for their honesty, integrity, and offering excellent customer service. We use the latest technology to do business the old-fashioned way to solve problems our customers are having with their homes. Our mission is to deliver truly custom solutions for each customer.

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Sterling Roofing provides roof replacement and installation in Fairfax. Your roof provides protection for your home, and a damaged roof could cause devastating damage to your home during bad weather. We, therefore, encourage homeowners to replace their old or damaged roofs, especially if a repair is not an option or if replacing the roof will provide a better long-term financial return.

We have a team of roofing contractors in Fairfax, VA who can inspect your roof and make a recommendation that will help you decide if replacement is appropriate, and can provide complete roof replacement services in a few days. Furthermore, we offer complete roof installation services for new construction, remodelling and home additions. For all your roofing needs in Fairfax, VA, you just need one company, and that is Sterling Roofing.

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The roof you live under might not catch your attention until something goes wrong. As a result, roofs are constantly subjected to all types of weather conditions, which can cause serious problems for your home over time. With over a decade of roofing experience in Fairfax, VA, we have the skills to get the job done safely and correctly, regardless of whether you need a whole new roof, a partial roof replacement, or a partial roof installation.

The roofing contractors at Sterling Roofing can replace or install a residential roof if you need them. Our expert roofing contractors in Fairfax, VA, understand the importance of safety, durability, and value when handling your roof project.


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The spray foam roof is the most dependable waterproofing system available when it is installed properly. Providing substantial energy savings, and helping reduce heat island air pollution, this environmentally friendly roofing option insulates your roof effectively.

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As Fairfax's most trusted roofing company, we provide highly efficient and professional roof installation services. To answer your questions about our service, we usually send one of our expert roofing contractors. We know what is best for you and do that!

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Our roofing contractors in Fairfax are highly experienced, efficient, and thoroughly professional, who have the knowledge and expertise to solve any type of roofing problem. For roofing repair, at any time of the day, you should get in touch with us.

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When you hope to extend the life of your roof, you should select a reputable roof maintenance company in your area. Count on us for high quality, efficient, reliable and affordable roof repair and maintenance services in Fairfax, VA.





Virginia based roofing company Sterling roofing is proud to offer residential and commercial roofing solutions to almost all the areas in and around Virginia. To learn more about the areas we serve please check the following details:

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